Sara Gellhorn teaches all levels of adult students through a comprehensive approach to T’ai Chi as a martial art, a breath & meditation practice, strength & flexibility training, an approach to balance & graceful movement, as well as a way to cultivate focus & mental agility. In her classes, she blends physical, practical, and theoretical elements of the discipline through humor, discussion, application, and demonstration. Sara is adept at tailoring her lessons to benefit each student in her classes that range broadly in age, ability, and experience.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a superhero to fight evil and be a force for good. Today, I am not a superhero in the comic book sense, but I have developed the ability to be a positive force for change. I have learned that we all have battles we fight in our lives. We fight stress. We battle disease. We wrestle to gain balance in our lives. Through T’ai Chi, I can help my students gain the upper hand. It makes me happy to see my students gain power and become better prepared for life with skills and knowledge gained from T’ai Chi principles and practice. It gives me great joy to watch them triumph through both small skirmishes and great victories.
  • 1987 BS Applied Physics , Columbia University

  • 1991 Certified Instructor Master Nick Scrima

  • 1996 Taste of China Level 1 Judge

  • 1997 Taste of China Women’s Push hands Grand Champion

  • 1998 Taste of China Women’s Push hands Grand Champion

  • 2000 Taste of China Forms Grand Champion.

  • 2000 USAWKF Women’s Internal Forms Grand Champion

  • 3rd Degree Black-Belt Kung Fu Master Nick Scrima

  • 5th Degree Black-Belt Wushu Sanshou Dao Association

  • 5th Degree Black Belt Master José Johnson

  • Book and Media Reviewer Journal of Chinese Martial Arts 2011-2014

Sara began studying martial arts at the age of 8.  She began her formal, mentored training in both internal and external styles under Master Nick Scrima (OH/FL), coach to numerous national and international martial arts champions.  Since 1996, Sara has been training with her mentor Master José Johnson (PA) who has been internationally recognized as one of the top 100 extraordinary Chinese Martial Artists in the world.  She has also studied with Master Peter Warr (UK). Sara has been influenced by Master Pat Rice (VA), Master Nick Gracenin(DC), Dr. Jay Dunbar (NC), Master Su Zifang (CA), Master Sam Masich (Canada/Europe), Master Liang Shouyu (Canada), Master Chen Zhenglei, and Professor Li Deyin (China).  Sara continues to study with many other leading T’ai Chi Masters and Grandmasters from the US, China, Asia, Europe, and Canada.