What is Taijiquan (T’ai Chi Chuan)? Taijiquan is a Chinese martial art originally practiced for self defense that is now respected worldwide as a method to improving physical and cognitive abilities.Through this system of low impact exercises, Taiji promotes a graceful, rhythmic pattern of breathing, stretching, and continual movement in a series of integrated postures. Taijiquan  is also a vibrant system of movement that acts as metaphor for life with the following three touchstones.

  • Balance is the foundation of movement. The concept of yin and yang is based in balance.

  • Harmony is the next step.  Using your understanding your own internal balance of yin and yang to gracefully blend your energy with your surroundings and the other people you encounter. 

  • Strength is the result.  When there is no need to struggle,  you can use the skills you have gained to move with confidence and power through any terrain.

T’ai chi has not only helped my students move with grace and power, but also be more confident in their everyday lives when they apply principles and methods learned in their T’ai chi practice. I have students who say that they come to T’ai chi because no matter how bad they feel when they arrive they always feel better when they finish the class. The stress of the day falls away as they spend that time reconnecting their bodies with their minds and leave class with a refreshed spirit of vitality.